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You are right about the need to push the customer when they they are not familiar with what the new technology can do for them. People will pass up profitable opportunities in favor of the things that make them comfortable because of habit.

I think for some people it is difficult to strike the balance between being in control of the process and being controlling. If things aren't going in the direction that is best for the customer we have to know how to push. However there is still the likelihood that you will encounter a customer who is really not eager to change.

Carole Gaudet

Yes, it's truly a balance. The concept of the Challenger salesperson adds a new dimension to our world of unlimited product information and customer reviews. I'm seeing challenger salespeople myself, in non-business related purchases, and I have to say, it's unnerving!

Callie, big thanks to you for being the first person to leave a comment on this blog. I appreciate it. You made my day.

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